About BlueVortex


BlueVortex is a fast-paced innovative think tank designed to get a solution to your problem into the field as quickly as possible. Our employees come from a diverse set of backgrounds – whether it be autonomous robotics, aerospace, or green energy solutions, we have the team to help you reach your goals.

About BlueVortex

Our Mission:

BlueVortex has a passion for excellence and believe in empowering our employees. We firmly believe that diversity enhances innovation and that good ideas come from an integrated, cross-functional team.

BlueVortex is devoted to customer satisfaction. We believe that every project deserves the same level of engineering excellence regardless of size. In addition to our outstanding engineering solutions, BlueVortex strives to develop and maintain great customer relationships through responsive service, professionalism, and above all integrity.

Our Goals:

BlueVortex’s goals are to maintain a culture that encourages entrepreneurial freedom, collaboration, and creativity. We seek to employ people with the highest skill, flexibility, dedication, and determination. We want employees that wish to expand their horizons, are never done learning, and have a passion for life and its mysteries.

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